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"not interested in their materials on a technical level. It's something I admire and wish I could do sometimes."

Oh yes... i wish a rewind in time.. and then : one camera/one lens and just push that button and no bloody GAS ;-)
But the gadgets are so much *fun*!

Actually, that simplicity is one of the things I find myself seeking through gear---not necessarily the "one-button" level of simplicity, which in my experience means either a really limited camera (old fixed-focus folders or Instamatics) or one that does too much thinking for you (recent auto-everything SLRs), but a device that gets the bells and whistles and complexity out of the way and concentrates on getting the light to the film. And the 17-year-old's Nikkormat is a great example of that style of camera design; that's the beauty of that era in SLR design, that she doesn't *have* to know much about it on a technical level to use it effectively, but it's a tool that can cover just about all of the technical knowledge she might ever need to apply.