It would be great as a fellow MF shooter, you could conduct and provide the results for a simple shutter-bounce test.

Method: set up the norita on a tripod, shooting something more or less homogenous (eg. white wall with maybe a painting or photo frame), with ample light so that you can take a shot w/ proper exposure at all the shutter speeds (1/500 - 1S). There's 10 so you'll have 2 more to dick around with.

The thing is, I've handled I believe FIVE Norita 66 in the past 4 years or so, and ALL of them had the so-called shutter bounce problem (ref: So I'm now convinced that this problem occurs not due to the way they're used but rather, it's just something that manifests after a certain period of time after manufacture. Therefore, even a pristine, never-used copy like yours could still have it. And if it does, that's a $200+ repair job right there (@ Ross Yerkes in LA). The presence/absence of this problem could/should be factored in to any offers that ppl want to make.