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Thanks for that, No I do not have a Calumet, but unless they have managed to change the laws of physics what has having a Calumet got to do with my post, and at which point does it become silly exactly? I suspect many new users of large format cameras are not immediately aware of the requirement of allowing for the bellows extension and are thus surprised when their first attempts are under-exposed.
Ed, what set me off was a suggestion to the effect that the OP would need 24" of bellows to shoot at 1:1 with a 300 mm lens. This is absolutely true, but seems a little odd in context because the OP seems to want a CC-401. Very capable camera and all that, but its catalogued maximum extension is 21".

What was missing was the news that a CC-401 won't go to 1:1 with a 300 mm lens and a suggestion to the effect that if that was very important to the OP then a CC-401 probably wasn't the right camera for him. Funny thing is, in post #1 in this thread the OP said that his goal was to shoot portraits with flash in a studio. I worked for most of my life as a statistical/management consultant and one of the first things I learned was to pay attention to -- extract it by torture, ideally without refinements of cruelty, if necessary -- what the client wanted to accomplish.

IMO the best advice in this discussion came from Jim Jones, who suggested that the OP read a few books before doing anything else. I've suggested the same books to beginners, am a little ashamed that I didn't beat Jim to it.