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5) I have to choose a lens for this camera. I think I'm gonna use my Schneider-Kreuznach Super-Angulon 1:8/121 #7481057" since it has a working shutter and it will be a 4x5" camera.
6) Maybe I even go for a second 5x7" size P&S camera since I have about 8 of these film holders lying around (without a camera). For this camera I can use my Voigtlander Braunschweig Heliar 1:4,5/21 cm lens. However, this Compound shutter fires at one speed only (needs SLA?). But first let me make the 4x5" P&S camera.
Bert, since you have a 121/8 SA, by all means use it even though 121 mm isn't very wide on 4x5. You really should come up with a way to measure its flange-to-film distance when it is focused at a distance that makes sense (hyperfocal distance @ f/22, perhaps?). This because the lens' actual focal length and flange focal distances are probably not exactly what the Schneider brochure says.

Yes, a single shutter speed can be limiting, especially if you don't know what it is. Buy your 210/4.5 Heliar's Compound a CLA.