A friend and I are trying to mix collodion for the first time. There is no resources/workshops we can attend here (Israel) to learn it though I did ordered a few books to our school's library (can take months until they arrive...).

We mixed our first plain collodion solution for use with poor boy's formula. The ingredients were:
2.21 g Gun-Cotton
34 ml Ethyl Ether
78.5 ml Denatured Ethyl Alcohol 99%

No salts were added. We stirred the solution, capped it with a rubber cup and left it in a zip-lock bag for two nights. Today when we came back to it, all the gun-cotton seems to be dissolved but there were bubbles in it and when we stirred it, it was like gellatinous solution with jello lumps. The collodion wasn't filtered yet because we fear the lumps will simply block the filter... Is this normal? Should we try to make another batch with different Ether/Alcohol ratios, maybe add some distilled water?

We preffer to use as little Ether as possible...