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I've been bitten by a bug, it seems. I want to develop prints in coffee. I want to build a 4x5 monorail camera. I want to slather a four foot square canvas with photographic print emulsion, print a nifty image, then embellish it with transparent paints. I want to investigate cyanotype and Van Dyke printing using a UV LED source in an enlarger. I want to construct negative carriers that let me print everything on the medium format negative, including the edges and frame borders.
Henry- Where there's a will, there's a way. And, you seem to have the will... You have quite a disparate list of "wants". I'd recommend setting up your enlarger, and start making prints on RC paper. Get the basics down before heading off in a bunch of directions. jnanian is our resident Cafenol guru. He even sells a kit for it. I've been doing a similar thing to the emulsion on canvas, but I'm using heavily textured watercolor paper for them. I use paint and pencil on them. It's easy to make negative carriers out of mat board.
Whatever you do, have fun... (I'd also recommend subscribing. There are a lot of people doing some of the things you're interested in posting great stuff. I think you'd find it highly inspirational, at the cost of a few rolls of film.)