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... just wondered if it was simply some sort of anti-digital knee-jerk reaction.
No knee-jerk reaction. In an emergency situation, I couldn't care less what x-ray technology might be employed to diagnose a problem. I've no idea how digital x-ray performance compares to film. It's just not relevant to motion picture projection.

I'm a recently retired electrical engineer; digital technology doesn't scare me or put me off in any way. This thread is centered on the subject of inferior theater feature projection systems coming into widespread use. Well before the technology is sufficiently mature at a price affordable to theater owners. That is all.

I'm not one who still buys vinyl records. I find CDs vastly superior to what were typical pressings and playback systems average listeners could afford before the mid 1980s. I'd have preferred SACDs to CDs, but can live without them. At a certain point one must listen to music. The same thing applies to theater projection. If/when digital projection (affordable to theater owners) can match the sharpness and dynamic range of 35mm prints properly projected, I'd happily go along. However, what's happening now is akin to iPods and MP3s. Inferior reproduction to a point where someone discerning can't listen to music / enjoy the feature.