I am cleaning out my camera collection, and will be listing some of my cameras for sale. I have an eclectic mix of reasonable cameras, some are for show and some are to shoot. I am finding that I really enjoy shooting with a more limited mix of camera gear, so I will be thinning the heard.

I have this nice pair of Diana 120 cameras for sale. The camera on top (right) is the nicer of the two. It came in the box pictured below with two Diana manuals inside! It comes with an original Diana cap, but does not have the strap. There is a small amount of tape residue on top by the B/T selector. Other than that, it looks "as new" and never used out of a 50 year old box.

Diana #2 (left) has some wear and has been a shooter some time in its life. It has a small piece of plastic missing from the back of the camera, as well as a tab missing inside the camera to hold the take up spool in place. I think both of these problems can be solved with a little bit of electrical or gaffers tape. This camera does not have the lens cap, but has an attached strap.

Functions on both cameras are working properly. Both come with metal take up spools inside.

This would be great for someone looking to get into the plastic camera groove,and a pair of original Diana's to boot! I have not had the chance to run any film through either of these cameras. I hope someone out there can take them and make some awesome plastic camera art!

$35 for the pair plus shipping.