Dan, I have a lightly used, very nice condition 16x20 Ganz Speed EZ-EL. I'm the original owner. There are no bends or sags and no rust at all. The original yellow paint is intact. Even the original company sticker is still there. The front looks near new. The back has five small spots of missing paint. But the exposed metal underneath is still shiny as this easel was never stored in dampness. The spots are rub marks that happened as the easel sat on top of boxes in a U-Haul trailer during a 1,250-mile relocation to Washington state 23 years ago.

I've been meaning to put this up on the APUG Classifieds as a free item to the first person who asked. Looks like that's you, if you want it. You can have it for the cost of shipping. I have no idea how much that might be to... Aspen?? I'm located outside of Monroe, an hour northeast of Seattle (98272).

When Saunders stopped making easels a while back I scored a brand new, still sealed-in-the-box VT2000 16x20 for a song. I don't see myself ever needing this Ganz again. And I prefer to pass along no longer needed items for free. I figure the good karma generated is at least partially responsible for the occasional good compositions that I stumble across. We weekend hobbyists need all the help we can get...