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Camera equpment and me have been on speaking terms since probably I was 9 in 1966. In my opinion, anybody who has anything more fancy that a Tiltall has more money in a tripod than he has sense. Perfect tripod. Not a reason in the world for considering anything else. Just my 2 cents.
I'm sure you're a fine photographer, but to offer another presentation of the importance of a good, solid tripod i'd also read what Thom Hogan (just some professional photographer) says about tripods:


If i had profoundly deep pockets, i suppose i'd buy a Really Right Stuff TVC-33. However, i use a Mamiya RB67 Pro-S which is a bit heavier than a Hassy so my needs are different.... Otherwise, i'm perfectly satisfied with my Feisol CT-3342 carbon-fiber tripod and it holds my RB67 just fine....