Pretend you're poorer than you are, save your money, then invest it. Don't do anything stupid, like buying a new car with a loan. Never borrow a nickle for anything other than a home. You will end up wealthy.

In the past I've posted links to different pages of Dave Ramsey's website because he teaches a pattern of behavior that will enevitably result in you dying quite wealthy and provide a solid financial base for your children, and maybe even your grandchildren. People may be turned off by his emphasis on Christianity. Having grown up in a god-fearing home, but being extremely backslid, I am completely comfortable around those people. While he claims to be teaching Christian principles of personal finance, it's really more Old Testament Isrealite - how the Jews survived thousands of years in a hostile environment. I am enthusiastic about him because my wife (who can squeeze a nickel until the indian is riding that buffalo) and I operated his plan for years before he did. We learned it from our parents. It works. I stumbled on his radio show one day and heard a man telling people to live the way we lived, a way we had been ridiculed for. Funny, but nobody ridicules any more us as we close in on a million dollar net worth.