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Which variety of Portra? I like Portra 400 a lot. 160 is just as good but not better for my purposes and a stop and a third slower.
Portra in general, I don't like C-41 films really, too expensive and to hard to "read" the neg, would rather have E-6 or B&W 220... If E-6 dies I'm probably going fully Digital on the color. I do like Ektar if I'm in a pinch. It's just all too expensive to process...

I haven't shot a LOT of portra but the 400 I shot I found dull and the skin tones grey and blueish... And warning these are not a reflection of "my work" as I was messing around with my new Mamiya 7 at the time when visiting a very pregnant friend, and seeing how slow a shutter I could get hand held in a dark room, this was 1/15 or 1/8 or around there. And just the only example I have on my phone.

Even in those conditions I don't think the colors should have been so dull.

Anyway I just want some damn B&W 220 in maybe a 400ASA? Lol


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