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I thought you work in NYC, so I figured you probably spend some time there after work on occasion.
Ahh well, after a 14 hour day, IF I started at or before 4am then sure, I might have time but the last thing I want to do is stick around when I'll only have 4 hours sleep as it is between the 10 hour turn around time, minus 2 hours each way, minus shower/shave on one end and wind down time on the other, it's not usually feasible to stick around after work. The movie industry is a tough business to be in and have a life... I'm on set too many hours to do anything afterward. Perhaps if I get lucky, but every time I get a really short day, I'm out at say 3pm? All I can think is... Man if I don't leave right now I'll hit all the rush hour traffic!! So, it's hard, good thought though, you really didn't know the situation so it's nota bad idea, just hard for me.


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