Here in Los Angeles/surrounding area we have a few "offerings" for professional film processing. Here's my preferences:

Icon LA
Kodak chemicals for all film/print processing.
E-6/C-41/BW all formats 35mm to 11x14 via dip-n-dunk

Kodak chemicals for everything.
E-6 only 35mm->8x10. Small lab, but she(Rochelle Burch, owner/operator) does a wonderful job with my E-6 film!
(949) 863-0873

Samy's Santa Barbara
Fuji chems for everything
E-6 & C-41 35mm->8x10 via dip-n-dunk. B/W up to 4x5 is done in a Jobo IIRC...
(805) 963-7269