I am blessed with a loving wife who also is a photographer/printer who accepts a 7 day a week scheduale year round. Together we work on projects that are appropriate for two people, we are scanning her archives and making silver film to do multiple alt prints, She scans , cleans the files, I PS and make the film , and then she coats and prints the images.
We are also lucky to have a client base that has been working with me for 10 years or more on long term projects which allows variety in the style/process so its not all about my personal work and solarization, but a mixture of work that I am now very familiar with.
Next on the agenda is to hand process colour film, solarize half way through and with the methods that Laura and I are working with make tri colour carbons by hand. This allows for a archival colour process that we believe is missing in the commercial gallery world.
Michael you are lucky to have a varied list of hobbies, music for me is only a listening pleasure, but my darkroom is macked out with speakers and I keep collecting CD's to feed the printing mood.