Hi hermit,

Glad you're interested! I recognize you as a collodion guy. I hope you find dry plate enough easier, safer, and more flexible that you'll join the gelatin crew. Beauty, of course, is in the eye of the beholder, and as beautiful as a number of processes are, I don't think anything compares to silver in gelatin.

The tutorials will cover papers and negatives (both dry plate and film). I have imagined that silver gelatin is as much a part of the public school system as reading, writing, and arithmetic. We've all been through pre-school and kindergarten where we've looked at pictures and are aware of the general breadth of the subject.

The tutorials start in "1st grade" and will spiral up and through increasingly complex recipes and techniques. I'm going to try to hit a speed that everyone participating real time will have plenty of time to keep up. We'll see how all this goes as it gets more complex. I have high hopes it's going to be great. In a year or so, when everyone "graduates high school", and I know better how to do this thing from the web, I hope we can go on to bi-packs, tri-packs, near-pano film, and an autochrome-type film. Fingers crossed and face forward into the wind!