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5x20mm fuses obscure? They are standard and available everywhere. ;-)
In my rural area (up in Woodtick, Wisconsin), I had to special order some slow-blow ceramics in what appeared to be an odd amp fuse and paid quite a bit per fuse (these for a modular Wallner densitometer, color analyzer, darkroom timer system). The electrical supply house that I stopped at had a number of things but all glass and only low amp variants. Because they struggled to find a source, I assumed that it would be hard for me, too.

I recently added some Multiblitz mono lights to my current Multiblitz units, each having 3 different fuse types each and were the newer models with different fuses than my current units. That sent me searching for sources and I felt fortunate to stumble into a source with such complete inventory and everything that I needed for what seemed like very low pricing. They also seemed to cater to the hobbyist with no minimum orders and a very low flat shipping fee. I simply assumed that there may be others in a similar situation who don't live in an area of easy supply.