My name is Wesley T. Hanson IV. I just noticed the interest you all have in my grandfather Wesley T. Hanson Jr. and his nickname of Bunny. He was given that nickname during college by his friends because he had long legs and big ears. My father and I, both named after my great grandfather, as was my grandfather, also have nick names. My dad is nicknamed Peter and I am nicknamed Skip. The whole idea was that we had a Bunny Rabbit so we also needed a Peter Rabbit and a Skipper Rabbit (this stuff is true). Funny how family works!

I have not heard of moonshine stories but would not be surprised at their veracity...!

He also took part in the Manhattan Project (development of US nuclear bomb) though many do not know that about him.

I called my grandfather Poppy all my life - he was a great and brilliant man, and a loving grandfather. He is very missed.