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I think that process is your problem. I get lovely, saturated but realistic colors from Portra 400 (and 160.) I don't have a lot of them on my Flickr page, but have plenty of prints I could scan and post. I've never seen colors like that from Portra, at least not unintentionally (easy enough to get in a hybrid work flow, actually very difficult to get such muted colors printing on RA4.) I'm not printing RA4 now either, though I used to and may again. I'm having mine commercially printed.

Here's a photo of my wife from a 645 Portra 400 negative:

Alicia - Troy AL by Roger Cole, on Flickr
Gotcha, yea process was done at the local lab. I have one C-41 kit and I keep trying to stock up on exposed rolls of C-41 but before I can get 8 together I break down and bring it to the lab with some "important" roll that can't wait.

I also don't know about image stabilization on c-41 I know there was a roll shot 6 years ago, half used, and the last half had the failed color shift (green in the shadows) but the earlier images were fine (this was an ex's camera I discovered and shot her with). Buying don't know if that was a rarity or if C-41 is much more stable... But I don't like letting it sit undeveloped for months without knowing...


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