Many thanks for the warm welcome you've given me, and for the information.

Rachelle: I'd like to know how you've handled the moves. I've a sneaking suspicion that I won't be spending much longer than twelve to eighteen months in any one location for the next decade or so. I'm also fairly certain that creative interpretation and repurposing of space may be necessary in order to engage in darkroom endeavors.

Whiteymorange, Suzanne: I'll keep an eye on the New England regional threads—I look forward to such a gathering.

Jeff: Thanks for the compliment! I'll hopefully find out within the next week how they turn out photographically enlarged. I kinda like the distressed look I got from the scan, but I'd rather not have the posterization. I look forward to seeing what I get from a scan of a photographic print.

Vaughn, Eddie: Thanks for the tips. RC paper is what I have; should it turn out to be unusable due to age, I'll be looking for an inexpensive RC multigrade to replace it. Funny thing is that my first foray into tray process printing was with Kodabromide F3, fiber base. I miss that paper. It had a great look to it even when you didn't ferrotype the image surface.

Again, thanks folks! I look forward to future interactions here.