Well, on the semi-bright side, I talked to my local lab, and they said in the worst case scenario event that Kodak does stop producing films next year, they'd more than likely stock more Fuji (they tend to be sparse on Fuji stock, more dominated by Ilford/Kodak). I've often wondered if Kodak stopped making film, would people just give up on colour film photography and not even bother with Fuji, would this be the beginning of the end of C-41 processing labs? I know B&W is in it for the long haul, thanks to Ilford, but it is Kodak that dominates colour. I'm trying to get accustomed to Fuji 400H. A very nice film, with a unique quality, but I would sure miss Portra, which has such rich and vibrant (without Ektar's saturation) colours. The warmth of the Portra's is unlike anything I've seen.