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It would be great as a fellow MF shooter, you could conduct and provide the results for a simple shutter-bounce test.
Therefore, even a pristine, never-used copy like yours could still have it. And if it does, that's a $200+ repair job right there (@ Ross Yerkes in LA). The presence/absence of this problem could/should be factored in to any offers that ppl want to make.
Well, I am not really sure why one would want to buy this item and then use it. Of course it is up to you whatever you do with the camera once it is yours. But then, you can also buy any recently overhauled nice user condition copy for less money - and do not have to think about +/- $200. Please do not get me wrong, I will happily provide any information you are interested in. But I would like to point out that you will definitely have to take into account further costs in order to make it fully usable (please look at the original item description) - at the risk of causing additional marks, damage or even loss. However I will think about doing this test.
Kind regards.