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Anyone who has ever owned a Nikon FM/FE series camera knows that they are compact and essentially bombproof. My FE (circa 1981) was my first SLR. It has gone backpacking thru the wilds of the Rocky Mts, The Blue Ridge Mts, the Everglades and many sandy beaches. It has never failed, ever. I have owned an FM3a (I am an idiot for selling it). Yes they are a bit clunky compared to a Leica M, but these rigs are great street shooters as well as great with telephoto lens. I love traveling with my Fe combined with the CV pancake 40/2 and a Nikkor 105/2.5. Light and tough. Nuff said.
I'm pretty certain that if I needed a 35mm body, I'd pick up a FM2n before a Leica M any day. I've done the Leica thing, and the experience wasn't as...special as I thought it was going to be.

I quickly fell in love with my FM2n. I shouldn't have sold it, but GAS was strong in me a few years back.