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I like the LTM lens better (just because), but I would like to move from the FSU to real Leica stuff. Obviously that's an expensive proposition. Especially when what I own now works fine. And I'm hardly making my living on photography. So it's a totally sunk hobby cost.

The camera body is a drop in the bucket.
Well, screwmount lenses are a *lot* cheaper than their M-mount counterparts, at least. And the various good third-party lenses (Nikkor, CV, Canon) go a lot cheaper than Leica-made lenses; I found I was able to make the switch from fSU to "true compatible" stuff without really breaking the bank, with the real workhorse lens being a 50/2 Nikkor. It's still a sunk cost, but it doesn't have to be a *huge* sunk cost.

You do find fSU lenses that work OK on a "real" mount, by the way. As far as I know the jury is out on whether the mounts really are built to slightly different standards (IIRC, Dante Stella and Karen Nakamura did experiments and came to opposite conclusions), but in practice there are clearly lenses and situations where the difference is negligible. I haven't shot my Industar-26m much since getting the Nikkor a few years ago, but it actually gave me pretty good service on a CV body.