I have two X-700's, one I bought new back in '85 I think it was or perhaps '82. It has been in the shop once in all these years. I bought the other one several years ago and had some things fixed on it. That one I bought from ebay. I like the fact that the camera has both an electronic cable release, and a manual cable release. I have an 8ft I think it is electronic release and can take self portraits without having to wait for a timer to release. Also, it has a PC flash connection that I can use with portrait lights with umbrellas. A lot of the new digitals don't even have those two connections. Also, it has stopped down metering which is something a lot of them don't have be they digital or film. I picked up a 100-200 zoom lense (Celtic) for $5.00 from a thrift shop, and have a 500 mm cat lense plus a 135, two 50mm and a 28mm wide angle. I get great shots from all but the 500 really needs a good tripod. I get a kick out of using the 500mm because I have photographed people 100 feet away and they look like I was 10 feet away. I will miss them when they go belly up, but it doesn't pay to put much in them now as you can get them pretty cheap. Have fun with yours whatever type of film you use. Ric.