You got a lot of good advice, I see nothing to contradict...

Your shot of the wheel in the garage, it looks like that might be a flat scene in the first place. If you could have known at the time to develop for approximately 12:30 minutes it would have helped this shot. Other scenes, in full sun, may print at Grade 2 with 9:45 minutes of development.

You develop the print for 1:00 minutes. I used to develop prints for 1:30 minutes, but lately I develop them for 3:00 minutes (Ilford Galerie in Dektol 1:2). Longer print developing will deepen the blacks.

The safelight test, as has been explained, is better if you print a photograph in the test. Then you see how degraded the highlights become if your safelights are not safe. The Kodak test was a still-life Siamese cat sculpture with polished silver pots and pans. When you see the shine next to the dull thud, it is convincing evidence that a little unsafe light is bad for prints.