I am in Japan. I have a lot of feedback on RFF.

If you want to buy please send your PayPal address, so I can send an invoice.

I will NOT change the shipping invoice, so do not ask. You cannot pay with the gift option.

The camera is 45 USD. Shipping is not included. The buyer and I can discuss the method of shipping. Shipping will be between and 17$ and 25 $ USD depending on location.

Nikon FE Black Body. The camera HAS NOT BEEN cleaned, lubricated or adjusted. I JUST FILM TESTED THE CAMERA. The film will be developed tomorrow. Everything seems to be in order.

The meter is accurate. The EV control adjusts the meter. The ISO settings adjust the meter according to the set ISO. The meter times out when the advance lever is set to the lock position. The battery check light works. The self-timer works. The bulb setting operates. The M90 shutter speed operates when the battery is dead or not inserted. The camera works in Auto-Mode or Manual Mode.

Body Condition: Excellent. The outside is good condition. The is slight brassing to the corner, the self-timer and film advance lever. There are no major scratches, but tiny marks from useage. There are no dents.. Film transport is smooth. The self-timer works. The film door closes tightly and firmly.

Viewfinder Condition: The viewfinder is clean. There is no mold inside the penta-prism. I know one of the photos looks like there is some dirt on the viewfinder window, but I cleaned it off. There is some dust. Focus is not affected in my opinion When focusing with the 55mm f3.5 lens I have for sale focus snaps into place.

Internal Displaysí All internal viewfinder displays work and are clearly visible.

Shutter Condition: The shutter seems accurate. The shutter curtains are in good condition. There is no damage to the curtain.

Meter Conditioní The meter is accurate.

Notes: The is no case and strap or body cap available with the camera.