I am in Japan. I have a lot of feedback on RFF.

If you want to buy please send your PayPal address, so I can send an invoice.

I will NOT change the shipping invoice, so do not ask. You cannot pay with the gift option.

The camera is 60 USD. Shipping is not included. The buyer and I can discuss the method of shipping. Shipping will be between and 17$ and 25 $ USD depending on location.

Yashica GL Chrome Body with a Yashinon 40mm f1.7 lens. I AM GOING TO FILM TEST THE CAMERA TOMORROW.

Overall Body Condition: This camera is very good condition. There are no major scratches There are no scuff marks on the camera. There is a small dent on the top plate just below the film advance on the corner. There is no battery chamber damage. It looks very clean.

Lens Condition: Very Good The lens is a Yashinon 40mm f1.7 lens. The lens has no mold, fungus, haze or cloudiness. There is internal dust. There are light cleaning marks.

Viewfinder Condition: The viewfinder is clean, but there some left over marks on the front insider plastic cover.

Rangefinder Condition: Rangefinder aligned and accurate, but a bit stiff in my opinion..

Meter Condition: The meter is seems to be accurate, but adjustments need to be made to the ISO setting due to a difference in voltage between the alkaline batteries and the original mercury batteries. Please note that the red over-exposure light operates and is visible on the top plate and in the viewfinder. The yellow under-exposure light does not operate, but the meter does take a proper reading and adjusts the shutter speed to the aperture set. SO ONCE AGAIN THE METER DOES OPERATE CORRECTLY< BUT THE YELLOW UNDER=EXPOSURE LIGHT DOES NOT. The problem is probably dirty contacts.

Shutter Condition: The shutter is clean and snappy. The shutter speeds appear to be very accurate in relation to the meter reading.

Accessories: The camera only comes with a lens cap.