Hi, I know this is a long shot but here goes. I was handed down a Rolleicord Ia "Police" as a keepsake for my grandfather who passed away a couple months ago. The overall condition is pretty good except for the fact that the aperture blades were all messed up & bent inside which also inhibits the shutter from firing, too.

Now, to repair this would cost like $130; I can purchase a good working condition one on Ebay for less than $100. It just seems ridiculous to get it fixed, if you know what I mean. It's not as if this will become my workhorse TLR; I already have a 'flex 2.8C and a Mamiya C330f. At the same time, I want for it to be functioning, perhaps getting my 9-year-old son shooting it.

So I figured the cheapest way to get this back working is to get a defective Ia (or anything mechanically the same) and swap out the aperture/shutter mechanism. Let me know what you have. Basically, everything about your Rolleicord could be *shot* to smiethereens so long as the shutter and aperture blades work fine. Thanks!