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.. I think the only place to see The Dark Knight Rises in 70mm IMAX in the city was a commercial theater near Lincoln Center.
A good read.
“Out of the 100 or so Imax prints that were made, a limited number were show prints struck from original Imax camera negative,” says David Hall. Those prints are showing in Imax venues in select cities, including Los Angeles, New York and London. “Chris very much likes to see an original camera negative printed to film,” he notes. “There’s nothing quite like it. Digital technology has certainly come a long way, but a print from a DI never looks quite the same.”

“Anybody who sees an original-negative print of a film shot in Imax is looking at the best image quality available to filmmakers today,” Nolan observes. “As long as any new technology is required to measure up to that, I think film has to remain the future.”

Pfister concurs, adding, “An artist has to be open to new technology, but my argument is, ‘Don’t make this equipment obsolete for the wrong reasons, because this format really is superior to anything else out there.’”