Athiril, when I went to buy my Epson 3880 a few months back the guy who served me wasn't able to do much more than read the price off the screen so I went elsewhere. That was just as well as I would probably have bought the extended warranty from the company that went broke two weeks later (the other supplier warned me off them). Sure, some of the guys are great and I always got good service at Carlton and North Melbourne but since the move to Fitzroy things haven't been as good. PS, have a look at the price of the new A2 boxes of Ilford inkjet paper. It is a bit over four times the price of an A3 box, not double as you would expect. That is the fault of the distributor (who has been alerted to the issue) but it seems nobody at Vanbar cares that the customer is being charged double what they should be.

Andy, I think it will take me a while to get through 100 sheets - January might be a little too soon for me.