Hi Henry, welcome from Australia.
While I don't have to move any time soon (I hope), I'm in a rental property and feel obliged to hide my "darkroom" every six months for the ritual house intrusion...um, I mean "inspection". So, my darkroom is simply my laundry. The window is blacked out with garbage bags pulled down over the flyscreen which gets taken out and put in the cupboard when necessary. Since the laundry light was just a bare light bulb to begin with, I simply put the collar from a Paterson safelight up around it and swapped out the standard bulb for the 15 watt and slipped the red cover over it. I don' think the real estate agent has ever looked up to even notice the switch. The enlarger sits on a set of drawers with the trays, chemicals, etc. stashed underneath between the washing machine and the wall. All in all, I have about a metre by two metres of space to work in and it's doable.
Oh, and aside from some 8x10 paper for proof sheets, ALL of my paper is at least twenty years old.

As someone mentioned earlier, where there's a will, there's a way. Have a blast exploring all of your ideas and, once again, welcome!