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You develop the print for 1:00 minutes. I used to develop prints for 1:30 minutes, but lately I develop them for 3:00 minutes (Ilford Galerie in Dektol 1:2). Longer print developing will deepen the blacks.
My own experience with this paper/developer combination is one of diminshing returns after the first minute. Still, I might experiment to see how the highlights are affected relative to the shadows after the first minute.

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As far as I am aware and have seen nothing that disproves it, dichroic filters do not fade!
You mean the dichroic filters in the color head, I think. I'm talking about the multigrade filters that I'm holding under the lens. They could be fading or faded. One thing I didn't consider is that a dialed-in filtration and a physical filter give the same constrast but at different exposure times. Anyway, I'd like to get away from the filters altogether, which is why I thought the calibration would be worthwhile.

I have a new supply of paper arriving today. I'm going to test my safelight to make sure it's safe. Run some more tests...