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On this scanner, a HP Scanjet 4850, it has dust removal (but not ICE) - even with this turned off it still produces the effect (albeit less so) - whereas Vuescan on the same scanner does not. I can't say that I'm impressed with HP.
Hmm well HP as a company has been low quality since it bought up gateway and never returned from that.

As far as the program, there must be a function in the menus that you aren't seeing that's causing the DICE to function. You did say its on color negative which CAN take advantage of Digital ICE so perhaps it's automatically on for that setting....

I found the PDF instructions.


But you are right there isn't much for options.

My only other suggestion is to scan as a transparency and invert the image from negative to positive in post.

I've heard viewscan is great, I have Silverfast but I can't figure it out honestly it's a terribly non-intuitive program, so I've gone back to the supplied Epson scan program which seems to work much easier, so I hope viewscan isn't as complicated as Silverfast...


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