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Joe, are you sure that leaf shutters time exposures between 1/1 and 1/60 badly? I ask because I haven't found this to be the case, have found it very hard to time exposures in this range with a lens cap. Might your shutter(s) need overhaul(s)?
I wouldn't be surprised if all my mechanical leaf shutters are off at this speed range. The only one I really trust is my electronically timed Bronica ETRS, that goes up to 2 seconds. My point is that, unless you want to spend a sizable portion of your photo budget on CLAs, collecting LF lenses can be an expensive proposition, the alternative of which is to avoid the slower speeds entirely. I have yet to find a used LF leaf shutter with accurate slow speeds.

Harman DPP is a harsh mistress, she demands accurate exposures. If you're used to working with compensating film developers in LF, and think you can SWAG the exposure with Harman on an inaccurate shutter, think again.