Okay. I got my Rollei kit from freestyle.

I was going to go develop my first roll of color but then I got a bit confused. Okay, in b&w I prepared my working solution and kept it in gallon/.5 gallon plastic bottles. Reading the instructions that came with it I'm figuring that you prepare what you're going to use? You don't pre-prepare anything? Is that right? I'm using the 8 oz metal tanks. These equal approximately 250 ml in capacity. If I mix, for example, my developer according to the instructions, I am using half the bottles' contents to get a 250 ml working solution. So, let's say, I use it once, do I dump that after use or do I save it? It doesn't say. If I save it, how many more times do I get to use it? That appears to be the same for all the other solutions. Do I reuse these solutions and if so for how many times? The bleacher, the fixer, the stabilizer, the developer? Are these reusable? As in B&W do I pre mix these solutions in separate containers before or do I do it when I am about to use it? A bit confusing and there's not enough info. I hope someone here can help. Thanks.