Making a red sensitive emulsion and then blending with a green emulsion and a blue emulsion is a good way to do it. Make a blue under amber or red safelight. Make a green under red safelight. Make a red under green safelight. Then you blend all 3 1:1:1.

BUT, with a panchromatic sensitizer and one emulsion, you essentially have to use IR goggles to do any useful work. This is pretty tough and can be expensive. BTDT.

In the GEH course, we may discuss it, (and the above is part of that) but we do not intend, at this time, to go further than discussion and perhaps an ortho emulsion. Besides, pan dyes are not easy to get and are very very expensive.

BTW, his is not covered in the book. It is a possible topic for V2 of that type of work. Hermit above may find my book interesting if he is interested in silver gelatin. I am interested to know if there should be a V2.