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I just have to play devils advocate here...

You say they "know how to use their camera" but yet talk about the pictures being not so good... Which to me at least is my first clue...

Leica shooters who don't take good pictures... Are Leica shooters who don't know how to use their cameras...

Just sayin'

So I agree with the first poster, the Leica shooter who has money and technical knowledge isn't the Leica shooter who knows how to use their camera... Hehe
Well, I think the intention was about owners who know "how to use" their cameras in the technical sense---which knob does what and so on---but don't know how to produce a good image.

Surely almost all of us have been through that stage at some point, right? As a kid, if you told me to take a picture of something specific, I could meter and set the camera (all manual!) and focus and get a technically competent photo, but I didn't know thing one about composition or intelligent use of lighting. I may now be a little bit past that, but my technical "how to use the tool" abilities are still far in excess of my artistic ones, and probably always will be.

I envy the exceptions, the people who come to photography with a really strong, developed sense of what makes a strong image, for whom the hard part is just learning how to control a tool to match their vision. But maybe that's a "grass is always greener" thing and they envy me too for the opposite reasons.