2 things... One is she is 13... Obviously capable but still 13, so getting her a toxic film like Fuji type 100 that will get all over her hands surely would be less appropriate for such a young girl, and if she is looking for the "Polaroid" look, then the TIP film, though expensive, is still a better option.

Fuji is also upping the price of their films in a month or so, and with a price jump they may also purge some of their lone of lesser selling films, the pack film being one of them.

So TIP is a safer bet with both longevity, safety, and a guarantee she will have fun and keep her interested.

That said I personally prefer pack film, but use both, I have an SX-70, a CB-70 back for multiple cameras, a 600 series camera and a Spectra (the wider film) camera.

Because of the quality the spectra is starting to win me over, and it's available from TIP in their new color protection formula which is some really nice stuff as Polaroid film goes...

Good luck!


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