Yes to near-panchromatic. "Pano" was a typo (Actually, a brain hiccup. For the longest time when I was a teenager learning photography, I thought it was panochromatic film. That still slips out, just like my Minnesota accent, at the oddest times -- and I haven't lived in Minnesota since about the time I was learning photography. )

As Ron says, the chemistry for (true) pan film is expensive. And IR goggles are just a bridge too far for this girl. In truth, I don't personally see the need for true panchromatic film. Ilford and others make the stuff brilliantly. I want to build materials that can't be bought, and the ones that catch my fancy (like tri-packs and autochrome, and heaven help me, 16mm movie film) can be approximated with near-pan film. I have the basic recipe almost to where I want it. Still has a higher base fog than I like, and reversal is hit-and-miss. That recipe and its children will be at the front of my research schedule this coming year, sharing time with the tutorials.