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Well, I think the intention was about owners who know "how to use" their cameras in the technical sense---which knob does what and so on---but don't know how to produce a good image.

Surely almost all of us have been through that stage at some point, right? As a kid, if you told me to take a picture of something specific, I could meter and set the camera (all manual!) and focus and get a technically competent photo, but I didn't know thing one about composition or intelligent use of lighting. I may now be a little bit past that, but my technical "how to use the tool" abilities are still far in excess of my artistic ones, and probably always will be.

I envy the exceptions, the people who come to photography with a really strong, developed sense of what makes a strong image, for whom the hard part is just learning how to control a tool to match their vision. But maybe that's a "grass is always greener" thing and they envy me too for the opposite reasons.

True, I'm being a pain, but I guess it comes down to who makes the $ haha


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