If you want to use B&W I would say either Ilford HP5 or FP4 (400 or 125 ASA respectively). I've tried Delta 400 and it never seems to work as well for me, HP5 gives me crisp low-grain negatives and is very easy to develop at home - just follow the instructions on the film and the chemicals and you can't really go wrong. If you can make instant noodles then you can develop a film.

I also like Pan F and SFX but those are a bit more specialist - Pan F is very high resolution but also rather slow, SFX is a bit of a trick film - use it with an infra-red filter and it becomes a quasi IR film. I will be trying a plain red filter on HP5 when the weather improves a bit as I suspect it might produce a similar look, probably not as pronounced but it should turn foliage white.

I also use Delta 3200 occasionally but I find it needs more post production work - HP5 negatives look perfect as they come out of the tank but the Delta 3200 needs a bit of adjustment to get the contrast right. I view it as a good solution to parties - it means you don't need flash, and everyone looks classier in monochrome.