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Stone, your point is taken - indeed she is 'just' 13 and I need to keep that in mind. But what about the safety of the Fuji Instax films? Or are these principally the same as the Fuji type 100?
Not at all, instax is not really film, as far as I know it's just a camera with a mini-printer in one, so you are getting a print ejected.

Type 100 is an actual chemical process where the inside chemistry develops the negative onto the print paper. And you smear the chemicals between the paper and negative as it is ejected by way of rollers at the exit part of the camera. So when you peel it apart you have to be super carful not to get the chemistry on you or it burns your skin, not bad, but enough that it's probably not good for delicate children's hands. And then there is the time, you have to know the ambient temperature as the paper is literally developing so you have to wait a minute or two based on the outside temperature before you can peel it apart and then wait another 10 minutes for the print to dry fully before touching it.

Conversely the TIP film takes an hour to fully develop, and to an extent has to be kept face down after ejection but the new "color protection" formula is more stable so it's not as critical as the older "cool pack" TIP films. And it's not wet so you can touch it safely.

If she just wants instant pictures, instax is an option, but it's the farthest from any real film. And at that point just get we a digital camera and a mini printer she can just plug the camera into the portable printer and print right from the camera. So it's not really film with instax.

Polaroid will help her with learning about framing the shot, if you get her an SX-70 she will learn a little about focusing as well because you can manually focus those which is nice, can get as close as 1 foot which allows some nice macro style shots with blurred background.

Mine is broken so I would suggest buying a refurbished one (they aren't cheap) OR scour the good wills for one.

I have an empty pack with a good battery, I can load it up with a few bad films and mail it to you if you go that rout, then you can use the pack to test and make sure the camera works and film ejects properly.?


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