Wait PE one more thing...

It's about oxygen and chemistry

So for example, say I mixed up the full batch of C-41 powder which makes 1 liter. And then put half into a 500ml bottle filled to the brim with only the tinyest air bubble at the top, would that keep for ... 6 months? Or would even that exposure degrade it quickly?

It's frustrating as the kits only come as 500ml or 1000ml or larger which for home use when all you want to do is 2-4 rolls of color film a month... Gets costly as you are wasting a ton of "usable" developer.

What say you?

Even better is there a liquid concentrate that could be sorted into 100ml (or whatever economical ideal size for say no more than 4 rolls of 120 or 2 rolls of 220 or 4 rolls of 135) bottles to be mixed with water as needed?

Same question for E-6 chemistry?

I don't want to give up on color chemistry but I think my ignorance about storage and access to "better than kit" chemistry is my downfall.


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