Just got back from Houston with the 'new' 138s.
The good news: it's in good shape overall and the price was definitely right.
The bad news: it has only 2 #130's and 1 #85 condenser, so no LF for a while.
Actually, I have time since the darkroom isn't built yet anyway.

It also came with Nega 138, Ladane 138, and a Setoneg negative carrier.
I've ordered a reprint manual and a 1957 book on Durst enlargers so that will help me ID everything.

Thanks for the help, I was able to take out the bulb & mirror, and break it down with no problems.

So, if anyone comes across a great deal on the 160, 200, and 240 condensors ... or any other parts not listed above let me know - right now I'm off to buy wood to frame up the darkroom!


PS - John: keep me up to date on your 138s project, thanks!