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I think Neopan 400 is classic grain (it doesn't say tabular or sigma or t-grain anywhere in the datasheet) but with fin egrain and high sensitivity. Acros is modern grain, in the same class as Delta and TMAX. I don't use the 400 but I use Acros in 120 format as my main film and I love it. The fact that it's cheap helps a bit with the love but it's not all there is to it. I hate Foma 100 even if it's the cheapest film around here - I only use it to test my film-backs for light leaks and that sort of stuff, so you can imagine the hate
I don't think that's correct, I specifically asked before and I swear someone told me that Acros was NOT T grain... I was asking about buying developers... I don't know for sure but I remember being told that Acros was classic grain...


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