Maybe THIS is the best camera money can buy... At $5... It's the cheapest piece of crap Kodak probably ever made, it has T and I and nothing else, it has "5-10 feet" and "past 10 feet" as a focus option... It DOES have both a vertical and horizontal viewfinder... AND it has me as a user... However not sure even shooting it at EI 2 (32ASA -40 years [1 stop per 10 years] = EI 2) that I'll get anything... Verichrome (non-safety film?) expired 1947.. Hehe loaded up and ready to go!

It does have one giant dust speck in the lens I can't get at, unlike my other folders with options and the lens elements that unscrew, this one is bolted in...but it's the only one with bellows that don't leak... Wish me luck! And comment if you have suggestions for shooting/development.


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