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I don't know of any legitimate juried competition which doesn't have an entry fee. In addition to an income for the gallery, it pays the prize money, the jurors (if paid), and limits the amount of entries to serious artists. The benefit is being able to add an exhibition to your CV (or, less often some prize money), which is necessary if you ever want to exhibit in the better galleries.
Be forewarned, though. The entry fee isn't your only non-recouped cost. You'll also have to pay shipping, there and back.
What does CV stand for?

I just wish it were more like an "accepted entrants pay only" thing, so if you didn't make it, it didn't cost you much, and sometimes it's more about what they get, (if they get 5 B&W images of a shadow of a tree, then they only take 1 or its repetitive) than necessarily a comment on your work. So I get the "legit" photographer comment, but some very talented people can't afford to waste $40 entering just one competition. Heck, if you enter just 10 a year like that, it's $400, which is a lot for someone like me, there are some months in the past 3 years where that's what I made in a month.... Granted there were also $3,000 months, but you get the idea.

Anyway, done bitching.

And again CV? And how does that get you into better galleries? Thanks.


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