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Long story short: hunt for old emulsions got me by half-accident almost 300 rolls of colour negative film from mid-sixties. At once. All exposed, yet not developed. And what a film!

Recap from the flickr 'fossilised film' group http://www.flickr.com/groups/fossili...7632280252220/ :
So there was an expired film lot on the 'bay. From the sixties. So, whynot to try out. On the pictures there were some exposed and not developed rolls visible. Whynot again, no problem to develop them.
The package arrived today, all good.
Then came the first shock: it appears that all the films are shot and not developed. So now I have 9kg worth of undeveloped 120 and 135 Agfacolor CN17 from the mid-sixties. Ca 250+ rolls, some not dated, some dated and with location remarks. Lovely.

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Decided to give a quick 20C/20min C41 shot on some random 120 roll, without the date specified. The backing paper was quite stuck to the film base, not emulsion side. Whew, after some hassle got it onto reel.

The usual dev/blx/fix routine and opening the can after first washing water to check the result. Then the second shock arrived. The film looks like this (well, after removing the remains of the backing paper) :

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And the result scanned:
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The set of selected images from first developed rolls on the flickr:

It appears that the films were kept in the basement or some other cold and a bit damp place. 135 metal cassettes are slightly corroded and 120 backing paper is a bit sticky, at times.

But what absolutely puzzles me, and this would be the philosophical reason for posting this in given forum, is how can such a thing happen at all? I do not know, relatively how expensive was colour negative film back then (there are prices like 3.50 on some boxes, in Deutsche Mark obviously) but someone shot years and years on it, without developing the films. Some rolls even have exact date and place written on the cassette or box. And these are no just some landscape or catography shots, there are people, kids. How come no-one ever asked for those pictures?
Holy crap!! I've been searching for this for almost a year!!

I have a few unexposed rolls of agfacolor CN-17 (Negative Ultra K) and I have thus far shot one of the rolls and plan to shoot the rest. I've been searching for the CN-17 soup recipe to make my own because I was told that C-41 wouldn't work/potentially destroy the film... So what made you choose 20°/20minutes?

Did you end up adjusting your final times from that?

Has there been any loss of image since?

This is amazing any and all details would be very much appreciated...


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