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At this point you might not make $500 on a Mamiya Pro, they are selling SUPER cheap...
They are indeed going for pretty cheap! Saw a full kit with 3 lens and add ons go for around $600! :o
Though the price isn't too bad in the UK. Everything is more expensive here for some reason.

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Is there something particularly great about this model of camera? I'm sure there must be other good quality point and shoot cameras around for a lower price.

It's the usage of high iso I like, I know I can go for the Klasse S but I've been wanting this camera for quite a while! Just wanna try it out really and since its so hard to find I'm even more intrigued!

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I'd check out eBay, personally, look for good feedback, and preferably an actual store, not an individual and it tends to go just fine. Play the game, use PayPal, and you're covered by insurance.

As for getting another camera instead, the heart wants what the heart wants.

You could also try http://japancamerahunter.com/ he helped me get a Bessaflex, he finds cameras in Japanese dealers, charges a small fee and sends it to you. I'll bet in a second hand dealer in Japan, the Classica will be quite cheap, as it's not "special" over there, as it is in the west.
The weird thing is, ebay has none. I've even checked ebay in different countries. The thing about eBay and from other countries I.e the US is the custom charges is ridiculous so might not be worth it in the end.
Ill give japan hunter a try, I'm sure there's quite a few in Japan! I'm just more worried about customs tbh which luckily the US doesn't get so it's hard to imagine how ridiculous it can get. (200 can result in customs of 25% plus handling fees and tax :/)